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Our work

Legal basis

· Article 5 (Entrustment of Work Related to Missing Children) of the Act on the Protection and Support of Missing Children

- Investigations and research on the status of missing children, etc.

- Research, education and publicity to prevent the occurrence of missing children, etc.

- Building and operation of an information connection system and a database under Article 8

- Support for the families of missing children, etc.

- Provision of counseling and treatment services to help missing children, etc. adjust themselves to society after they are returned;


· The initiative is to facilitate welfare of missing children and their families, by help preventing children from going missing, facilitate swift finding and returning, and providing support after they returned to adapt to their surroundings.

Key initiatives

  • business1

    Provide support to search missing children

  • business2

    Support for the families

  • business3

    Provide education and promotion to prevent child missing

  • business4

    Status survey and research on missing children’s cases

Provide support to search missing children

- DNA test support (in partnership with the Korean National Policy Agency/KNPA · the National Forensic Service/NFS)

- Produce & use age progression photo (in partnership with the Korean Institute of Science and Technology/KIST)

- Organize promotions and advertisements to find missing children

- Provide GPS tracking device

- Support search and investigation (in partnership with the KNPA)

Support for the families

- Provide health care support for the families

- Assist search efforts

- Support reunion and counseling afterward

Provide education and promotion to prevent child missing

- Develop and utilize educational content and lecturers to prevent child missing

- Conduct promotions to prevent child missing cases

- Commemorate the Missing Children’s Day and Missing Children’s Week

Status survey and research on missing children’s cases

Definition of missing children and missing person

Any child, under the age of 18 at the time he or she goes missing, a person with an intellectual, autistic or mental disability and a senior with dementia who is separated from his or her custodian due to any cause, such as abduction, enticement, desertion, accident, leaving home or getting lost.

※ Support for missing children and people with disabilities is provided by the NCRC and for missing seniors with dementia by the National Institute of Dementia(NID)